Black Flys Eyewear

In 1991 Black Flys was born in the midst of a thriving west coast culture.
Built on sun, skate, and surf; they have always been at the forefront of an underground world.
Rumor and innuendo are the stories you hear, good times and great sunglasses are what what you expect. Roaming the beaches by day, or wandering the clubs at night is where you will find them.
But, only their reputation is suspect.
Black Flys takes pride in the quality of it’s sunglasses. You’ll find no plastic hinges to keep costs down, or crap lenses to save a penny.
Their frames are constructed from high quality materials and lenses exceed UV standards. Their styles are uncompromising, and their appeal can be felt when you wear a pair of Black Flys.
With founder Jack Martinez & the Cali-crew back in the saddle, you’ll be seeing more Fly style in everything, from design and art, to image and character.
Good or bad, the name Black Flys will always elicit a response.
“Fly to Live; Live to Fly”