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Admissive is an action sports lifestyle apparel brand based on the Sunshine Coast Australia. We are a family owned business established back in 2008 by a then 14 year old who lived and breathed the action sports industry and the lifestyle that goes with it! Fast forward to today and we have a full screen print shop and warehouse located on the Sunshine Coast shipping orders all around the globe while raising a young family. We sponsor and support a talented team of athletes, tattoo artists & more.


Admissive is a company made by riders for riders so we relate to the feeling of sticking that new trick for the first time or breaking bones and the mental battle it takes to get back to where you wanna be. So our main focus is supporting the riders and giving back to the sports we support. Admissive products are printed in house ensuring only the highest quality products.

Back story:

Admissive Clothing was originally started back in 2008 and had a few products but the owner Lejae Surch decided to put it on the back burner and not put so much focus on it but still continued to build it on the side while he went through all the typical challenges of being a teenager. 

A couple year's later he started ramping things back up with more life experience and more dedicated than ever back with more original designs.

Lejae scaled the business and in only a 3 year period he went from doing it from his bedroom at his mums house, To the back shed, Then moved out and got his own place with a mini bike compound in the backyard and Admissive in the shed to then buying out a screen printing business that had been around for 30 years and took over their lease on the premises, Lejae was only 21 years old at the time.. He moved the business into that shed/ warehouse and print shop with a full Admissive showroom. He went full time with Admissive Clothing and his printing business which is also very successful after buying out the print business and hasn’t looked back since! That was 10 years ago.. 

We support a range of action sports like Fmx,Mini Fmx,Mx,Bmx,Wake,Tattoo culture and lot's more we are an action sport's lifestyle brand so basically everything that revolves around the action sports industry. 

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